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Prof. Matthew Kenworthy - Leiden Observatory
Hunting for Exo-rings & Exo-moons in our Galaxy

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First Pop-Up Astronomy Event - Solar Astronomy in the Park (Posted 18 June 2017)
We were delighted with the turn-out to our first pop-up astronomy event - solar astronomy from Nonsuch Park on Saturday. The weather behaved itself, and we had a good hour of clear sky during which members were able to look through a Hydrogen-alpha solar scope, many of the them for the first time. There were some nice prominences and a filament on show, as well as a couple of sunspots, and members were able to take some photographs through the telescope with their phones. We very much hope to hold a lot more pop-up astronomy events over the next few months. The best way to find out about these is by joining our WhatsApp group (see Janus June for details).

New Initiative to Collect & Archive Members' Observations Posted 4 June 2017
Stephen would like to start collecting and archiving members' observations. It is hoped that members will support this initiative be either emailing observations to him, or by handing in paper records at monthly meetings. To help make the process easier, a standard observation form can be found in PDF format at the bottom of the Janus page. Members can print off copies for completion. Stephen will not need to retain paper copies, as all records will be scanned and stored electronically, so original records will be returned to members for their own records.  We hope to have a stack of paper observing forms available at monthly meetings for members who do not have the facilities to print their own.  Photographs are welcome, but these need to be accompanied by some narrative giving details of equipment used, exposures, ISO and processing carried out, as well as some observational commentary about the content of the image please.

EAS to Launch YouTube Channel Posted 11 May 2017:
Jay Kallee came up with the excellent idea of setting up a YouTube channel for EAS, on which he planned to publish short video clips of meetings and observing sessions. We are pleased to announce that the Committee has now approved the project, and work will begin shortly.  The idea is just to give a flavour of our meetings and observing sessions to encourage people to join EAS, and also so that other organisations can see what we are about.  What you definitely won't be seeing on the channel is full videos of lectures given at our meetings, as it is felt that this might encourage people to stay at home and watch the meetings online rather than coming along!  We'll be publishing details of the YouTube channel and posting links to videos on our website and social media.

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