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Novae, supernovae: looking at cosmic blast waves and wondering what went before.

Dr Paul Kuin -- Mullard Space Science Laboratory

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Shadow transits of Ganymede and Io - by Gary Walker

On the night of March 16th 2014, I saw the Double Shadow Transits of the moons Ganymede and Io upon Jupiter's clouds!
I first saw both shadows upon Jupiter by 10.25pm, and by 11.15pm, they were centrally placed.  The shadows were travelling almost in parallel, but Io was to the top left of Ganymede in my 8"SCT.  Ganymde's shadow, in particular gave a 3 dimensional effect, as it appeared to be floating above Jupiter's  clouds (as it was!) By 12.15am, Io had almost reached Jupiter's limb.

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New Supernova in M82 - by Gary Walker

After hearing about a new supernova in the galaxy M82, from the "Spaceweather" site (it was even reported on the BBC News!), I went out to see it on the night of January 23rd-24th. I observed the supernova through my 8" SCT.
The supernova was fairly bright (it has been listed on "Spaceweather" site as magnitude 11.2), and I could see it in M82, but was better seen with averted vision (the glow of the galaxy itself may have made it slightly harder to see).
It was situated near the Southern end of M82 (at the time, M82 was orientated N-S and was high in the NE.)  I will keep watch over the coming nights!
This is the first Supernova that I've ever seen (although I saw a Nova in Delphinus, last year).

Annual General Meeting 2013

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Janus Update for Nov 2013

Two Comets for the price of one!
- by Gary Walker
Another update from Gary: "In all, this year, I have now seen a total of 4 comets (PanStarrs, Lemon, ISON and Lovejoy), which is a record for me!".
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How I got started in Astronomy - by Gary Walker
This is a wonderful contribution our online newsletter.
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Gallery Update

Another impressive set of photographs from Maurice Gavin, See the Gallery for more photographs.

Nonsuch Astronomy!

A new local astronomy website and blog spot

Astronomical Video

Shown at Jan meeting - by Maurice Gavin

Deep Sky imaging blitz

Prof Ian Morison
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Prof Ian Morison has kindly agreed to be the Patron of Ewell Astronomical Society, which is such good news. He was honoured and delighted at being asked.


photographs from Maurice Gavin, See the Janus for more photographs.