Astronomy for Everyone
Next Meeting, Friday 10 July

Supernovae and serendipity:
The discovery of a thermonuclear supernova in the Cigar Galaxy:

by Dr. Steve Fossey
University of London Observatory 

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School right-hand car park is closed 

Please use the left-hand car park and main school entrance instead.  Please see How to find us for more details.

Janus Newsletter

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction -- by Gary Walker
For the past few months and weeks, Jupiter has been slowly crawling towards Venus in the evening sky, leading to a Planetary Conjunction - at closest on June 30th.

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GOTO or not GOTO?  That is the Question! -- by Gary Walker

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What are your favourite astronomical objects?
     Read about what Gary's favourite astronomical objects are.    

Report on the visit to Mullard Space Science Laboratory -- by Gary Walker
On April 22nd 2015, we finally made the long proposed trip to the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL).

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Observation of close approach of an asteroid! -- by Gary Walker
On January 26th-27th 2015, an asteroid of the Near Earth Object  (NEO)  class passed the Earth - at it's closest, about 3 times further away than the Moon!
As (for once!) the sky was clear ......

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Prof Ian Morison is our Patron

Prof Ian Morison has kindly agreed to be the Patron of Ewell Astronomical Society. He is an astronomer and astrophysicist who served as the 35th Gresham Professor of Astronomy. 

Gallery Update

Photographs of the Moon and Jupiter by David FishwickSee the Gallery for more photographs.


Nonsuch Astronomy!

A local astronomy website and blog spot


School Telescope Observing
Friday 3 july 2015  --  start time 9:00pm
Observing only takes place if there is less than 50% cloud cover. 

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Ranmore Common Observing
Mon 15th June

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Next Users group meeting

Wednesday 19 August

start at 8.00pm sharp 

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Group picnic on Headley Heath

Sunday 6 September from 5 p.m.
Meet at Headley Heath National Trust Car Park.

Bring your food & drinks and observing equipment.
For an relaxed evening of discussing astronomy  and watching the stars.

Solar Images

 By Ron Jonson -- See the Gallery

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Astronomical Video

Shown at Jan meeting - by Maurice Gavin

Deep Sky imaging blitz