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The discovery of a giant ring system around the exoplanet J1407b

Prof. Matthew Kenworthy
Leiden Observatory, NL 

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Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury -- by Stephen Stangroom
See photographs and report in Janus

Visit to Mill Hill Observatory

Article by Gary and photos by Ron
At least 30 people from the Society visited the Mill Hill Observatory on the evening of February 26th.

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The Lunar Eclipse

Two articles -- by Louis and Gary
Then wow, I noticed how dark it has got, the moonshine had really lit up all the gardens below, and now that had all gone. And even more exciting, I could see stars and the moon at the same time through my scope.

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Janus Newsletter

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction -- by Gary Walker
For the past few months and weeks, Jupiter has been slowly crawling towards Venus in the evening sky, leading to a Planetary Conjunction - at closest on June 30th.

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What are your favourite astronomical objects?
     Read about what Gary's favourite astronomical objects are.    

Report on the visit to Mullard Space Science Laboratory -- by Gary Walker
On April 22nd 2015, we finally made the long proposed trip to the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL).

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Prof Ian Morison is our Patron

Prof Ian Morison has kindly agreed to be the Patron of Ewell Astronomical Society. He is an astronomer and astrophysicist who served as the 35th Gresham Professor of Astronomy. 

Nonsuch Astronomy!

A local astronomy website and blog spot

Anniversary Dinner

Ewell Astronomical Society is 50 years old
The societies anniversary dinner.
When - Saturday 12 November 
Where - Horton Park golf club.
Speaker - Prof Ian Morison

Next users group meeting 

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

start at 8.00pm sharp 

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Ranmore Common 
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School Telescope Observing
Friday 5 Aug 2016  --  start time 9:00pm
Observing only takes place if there is less than 50% cloud cover. 

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Janus Newsletter
Observing Session -- by Stephen Stangroom

Then, all-of-a-sudden, around 9.15 a north-south split appeared in the cloud directly overhead, and I decided to risk jinxing us by setting up.  By the time I was done the sky was almost completely clear!

The Orion Nebula (M42) was my next target.

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Lunar Images

By Ron Jonson -- See the Gallery