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On this page we showcase the work of our members.  Many of our members are capturing excellent images with basic equipment that anyone can use. If you want to learn how to take astronomical photographs, come along to one of our monthly meetings and speak to any of the members that you see featured on this page.
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Latest Solar Images from Ron Johnson

Images of the Total Solar Eclipse from Gerard O'Mara

Latest Solar Images from Ron Johnson
The images were taken via a102mm f9.8 OG with full aperture solar filter and an Imaging Source monochrome camera with an IR filter.

More of Jupiter from Sagar Shringarpure

Images from Shirish Phade

Images of Jupiter from Sagar Shringarpure

Images of Jupiter from Valerie May
Valerie captured these images just before midnight in Burgh Heath on 8 April 2017 using a Canon PowerShot A1200 through her Celestroon Nextar 6SE. The image of Jupier and moons was at x60, and the other was at x125. Thank you Valerie for sharing these with us.
Latest Images of Venus from Ron Johnson

Solar Images by Ron Johnson





Milky Way by Geoff Walker

"My first attempt of stacking"

This picture of the Milky Way was taken on Ranmore common and stacked from 9 20 second exposures with a Cannon 1100D DLSR camera with 18mm Lens.

What's stacking?
Stacking is the process of taking several exposures or video footage, then using computer software to align and merge the separate images into one.  This process allows faint objects to be enhanced, and fine detail that would otherwise be invisible to be sharply defined in the resulting image 

Milky Way by Jay Kallee

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