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Images By Maurice Gavin
Montage of the Leo Trio of galaxies - by Maurice Gavin

Exposures of 3min - fainter top edge-on galaxy had 4min.  They are too far apart for a single pic hence the montage.  Galaxy M65 [lower right] records the current supernova SN 2013am.  
As I was discussing with the guys last night, the guru on the astro forum I frequent says that any Deep Sky image in under 20min exposure "doesn't count as astrophotography" but what do I care ?

Montage of four Deep Sky objects - by Maurice Gavin 

It's been a very poor winter for observing but got lucky last Wednesday with clear skies to make the montage of four deepsky objects near the Plough.  These images were taken from home via my Meade 12" {30cm] Schmidt Cassegrain telescope plus Starlight Xpress Lodestar-C one-shot-colour camera in 2 minute exposures - the Owl nebula had 3 minutes exposure. 
My approach bucks the modern tread for inordinately long CCD exposures running into hours on these same objects.  Hope they are of interest to show what is possible from light polluted [LP] suburbia - no LP rejection filters were used !

Images By Gary Walker
M27: large B&W image [luminance] @ f/10 combined with small colour image @ f/3.7 = big sharp colour image!  (M.G.)
Comet Hergenrother [C/168P] after dusk in Square of Pegasus (M.G.)

Lunar Eclipse Images by Geoff Walker
Taken on a Nikon Coolpix S970

Photographs By David Fishwick

Photographs taken though a 10 inch Meade Newtonian with Fullerscope 20mm eyepiece.

Solar Photographs By Ron Johnson

Lunar Photographs By Ron Johnson