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NEXT MEETING - Friday 9th February, 8pm
Nonsuch High School for Girls
Graham Bryant (Hants AS) - Moon Hoaxes
NEXT SCHOOL OBSERVING - Friday 2nd February
in Nonsuch Park
See observing page for directions.
21 February 8pm
Nonsuch High School for Girls

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Individual Membership £20 per year
Junior Membership £5 per year
Family Membership £25 per year
We are not currently able to take membership applications online, so to join, please come along to one of our monthly meetings and speak to Richard Etherington.
You can also come along to our meetings as a guest for £5 (each meeting)

        LATEST NEWS:

First Pop-Up Astronomy Event - Solar Astronomy in the Park (Posted 18 June 2017)
We were delighted with the turn-out to our first pop-up astronomy event - solar astronomy from Nonsuch Park on Saturday. The weather behaved itself, and we had a good hour of clear sky during which members were able to look through a Hydrogen-alpha solar scope, many of the them for the first time. There were some nice prominences and a filament on show, as well as a couple of sunspots, and members were able to take some photographs through the telescope with their phones. We very much hope to hold a lot more pop-up astronomy events over the next few months. The best way to find out about these is by joining our WhatsApp group (see Janus June for details).

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