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 Dates  Speakers  Title
 08 Jan 2016
 Maurice Gavin
 Ewell Astronomical Society
 Astro-imaging for everyone - an overview
 10 Feb 2016
 Matt Taylor
 Imperial Collage London
 11 Mar 2016
 Prof. Louise Harra
 The mysteries of the solar cycle
 8 Apr 2016
 Stephen Stangroom
 Ewell Astronomical Society
 Impact Craters
 13 May 2016
 Jerry Stone FBIS
 Spaceflight UK
 Nell, Esther and Aunt Effie - The story of the world’s first liquid-fuelled rocket
 10 June 2016
 John Rogers
 British Astronomical Association 
 Jupiter and the Juno mission
 8 July 2016
 Nik Szymanek
 Astrophotographer, sky photographer, astronomy writer
 Photographing the Night Sky
    Aug  2016
 No meeting  
 9 Sept 2016  Prof. Matthew Kenworthy
 Leiden Observatory, NL
 The discovery of a giant ring system around the exoplanet J1407b
 14 Oct 2016  Prof. Carolin Crawford
 University of Cambridge
 When galaxies collide

 11 Nov 2016   Ron Johnson
 Ewell Astronomical Society
 Ewell Astronomical Society - The first fifty years
 Celebrating our 50th anniversary.
 9 Dec 2016  A. G. M.
 Ewell Astronomical Society
 Annual General Meeting 
 plus astronomy update and quiz. Every one is welcome

The Monthly Meetings take place on the second Friday of each month at Nonsuch High School for Girls in the Meeting Room and the meetings start at 8pm. Please use the 'meeting entrance' as sown on the diagram which is round the right hand side of the school. The front main entrance is now longer open for the monthly meetings.

Please use the left-hand car park shown in green on the map.

Door subscriptions are £1 and £3 for visitors -Arriving at meetings with small change in your pocket & not tendering £10/£20 notes is appreciated.